Protective Behaviours is an empowerment program that promotes happy, healthy, adventurous and life enhancing activities, all within a framework of safety. Just as you would keep a child safe from the sun by using sunscreen we keep our children safe by empowering them with lifelong skills of assertiveness, self-confidence, problem solving and communication.

The protective behaviours approach is not negative, scary or confronting. We simply are teaching children to listen to their intuitionand their own feelings so that they are safe. Protective behaviours is just that, teaching children behaviours helping them to be safe, in a non confronting way. Child protection is different to protective behaviours. Child protection entails the community around each child and how we are creating a safe environment for our children.We speak of two rights in protective behaviours; the right to feel safe all the timeand the right to talk with someone about anything. These are core rights that connect into the United Nations Rights of the Child and are taught to be embedded into our everyday practices with children. We embed these important messages into our curriculum at Kids College. There are learning sessions with songs, stories and puppets where you will see these messages being taught at Kids College.

Right to talk to someone about anything at Kids College and for families

With our strong connections and relationships with children we foster that sense of openness that they can come to us and talk to us about anything and that we can help them. They listen to their intuition and become aware of thoughts and feelings. We are empowering them to feel safe and building their skills. We are proud to be part of the ‘village it takes to raise a child’ and value our position as a member of your child’s safety network, people they know and trust and can turn to.

Listen to what children want to tell you when they are little and this will lead to them telling you the big things as they grow up. To them it is all just as important. Admire the rock they show you, respect their reluctance to do something they might feel is scary or hard and show empathy for their feelings. Whilst it may seem insignificant to you it might be very important to them and we respect that by showing them we value and listen to what they have to say. By showing them this we open the doors to trusting relationships and ensure children grow up knowing how to keep themselves safe and how to get help when needed.

Right to feel safe all the time at Kids College

  • What do we do as adults to ensure our children’s safety? At Kids College we ensure our entire staffing team are trained in Child protection. Our staffing team has working with children checks and national Police Clearances. All our team are trained to teach children protective behaviours. We are aware of protective behaviours in all our curriculum areas and ensure we are sending clear messages.
  • Teaching children key word signinggives us a tool to bridge the gap in communication and enables us to understand children’s intended messages through the combination of gestures, tone, facial expressions, sounds coupled with signs.
  • Follows and connects into our other programs teaching social emotional intelligence. ‘Building brains’which emphasizes the importance of gaining deep trusting relationships with children. Becoming attuned to each child’s needs reinforces their feelings of being loved and respected and understood. These interactions physically grow children’s brains and create neural pathways to new knowledge.
  • In our early years social emotional learning we are teaching children to recognize, understand, label, express and regulate their own emotions.We do this third person technique of modeling behaviours and feelings with our Kimochi program puppets and the PALS program puppets.
  • At Kids College we have further developed this concept of making the right choices for our behaviour when we are having strong feelings. We have created our own charter of values around what we would all like to feel. We want to feel safe and brave and we want to be friendly, kind and helpful.
  • We have collaboratively developed a visual list of strategiesour children can utilize to regulate their feelings and enhance better decision making around their behavioural choices.
  • This correlates with our Talk Less Listen Moreprogram for behaviour guidance that is based around a child being taught to make their own choices, to be treated with empathy and taught through emotion coaching. This is the goal of emotion coaching: to immerse children in a feeling language where they not only experience attunement, but where they also get used to a language to describe how they’re feeling. This ability to reflect on feelings is crucial in developing emotional maturity and a sense of oneself

Right to feel safe at all times for families

  • As parents and guardians you can keep up to date with child protection information and protective behaviours by following websites and facebook sites of recognized authorities.
  • When they don’t want to hug or kiss a relative allow them to know that that is okay and you will respect their wishes, Don’t force Santa on them.
  • ensuring children change in private areas of your home to teach them what is private and public, this helps them distinguish what is appropriate where. This is an especially valuable value to learn as they grow up and are using devices and the internet.
  • help them become aware of their early earning signs and how to listen to them. Verbalise how to describe your feelings when you are uncomfortable, queasy, sick, fidgety, shaky, dark, sad, worried, butterflies etc.
  • help them work out their safety network and how to communicate with them. Who can they go to for help and how. Let them learn how to phone a trusted adult and just have a conversation.
  • being aware of your words, tell children its okay to have surprises but the word secrets is avoided. Surprises make us feel good and people can know them, like a surprise birthday party or gift. Secrets can make us feel bad and no one knows them. Would you want your child to feel like they can’t go to anyone with a secret that makes them feel very uncomfortable?

Protective behaviours is like sunscreen

Think of protective behaviours as just as important as sunscreen. The harsh truth is we never know what kinds of dangers are lurking. A liken this to an overcast day. You don’t expect to get sunburnt but we often do. Children are helped to put sunscreen on every day and over time learn to do this themselves. The message here is to always protect yourself and give children the tools they need. We don’t know who our children may come across as they grow up so we need to teach them to keep themselves safe all the time.. Arm your child with the armour of protection no matter what danger they may come across.

Practitioner for Protective Behaviours

Jennifer has trained with Universal Protective Behaviours International Training and PB West Universal PLUS training to achieve practitioner status. This course was through the highly skilled and qualifiied team at PB West, Protective behaviours. 
With over 20 years experience in teaching Protective Behaviours in Australia and abroad their Educators are committed to providing high quality training at all times.
PB West Educators are Protective Behaviours International endorsed.

Protective Behaviours 

Parent information session

On 7 May 2019 Kids College hosted a parent and carer information session on Protective behaviours.

Kids College Philosophy

‘We have stringent hygiene, health, nutrition, maintenance, safety and protection standards. We take our duty of care very seriously and will safeguard the safety and wellbeing of our children at all times as a matter of utmost priority.’

National Quality Standard

2.2.1 At all times, reasonable precautions and adequate supervision ensure children are protected from harm and hazard.

2.2.3Management, educators and staff are aware of their roles and responsibilities to identify and respond to every child at risk of abuse or neglect.

Kids College family

At Kids College we work each day embedding our values and philosophy into each facet of what we do. We continually improve our practices by critically reflecting and engaging in meaningful relationships with our community and for this we need your support and input.

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