Kids College is a quality childcare centre with an EXCEEDING THE NATIONAL STANDARDS rating. Kids College is proudly owned and managed by the Scafidas family. We were very lucky and finally had our dream come true, to create a wonderful loving childcare for children to enjoy and for parents to trust. 

Nicholas and Craig Scafidas are our Directors, Wendy is our Administration Manger and Jennifer is our Manager, Nominated Supervisory Officer and Educational Leader. Our beautiful 15 year old and 12 year old daughters provide expert opinion on what is fun to play with. With such a strong involved management team it is important to all of us to choose dedicated early childhood education professionals to work with. 

Our staffing team is highly qualified and most importantly have a love for children and a passion for childcare in their blood. Kids College is our third child and we welcome you to our centre. We send our children home every day having experienced love, laughter and learning.

Office staffing team

Jennifer Scafidas is our Manager, Educational Leader, Early Childhood Teacher and Nominated supervisory officer at Kids College since we opened our centre in 2010. I am constantly reading and studying and always have some study on the go. I have qualifications in South Africa and in Australia in Business, Psychology, Teaching and Childcare. 

I also have a TAE, Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services, Advanced First Aid certificate, Bronze medallion life saving certificate, Ngala Sleep management certificate, Parental Guidance recommended Cancer council healthy eating certificate, Baby Massage instructors certificate, 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion coaching practitioner certificate, Protective Behaviours practitioner, RULER practitioner and I am a registered CPR trainer. 

I have two darling daughters at home and two fluffy doggy daughters too. I am so proud to be entrusted with the care and education for your precious little ones. Not many people are fortunate enough to have their dreams come true but I am very pleased my dreams have come true and I am able to welcome your family into our Kids College family.

Denise Hughes has been at Kids College since 2012. She has gained her Cert III, her Diploma in Children’s Services and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree along with lots of professional development certificates. Denise is also one of our Supervisory officers. She works primarily in the office as our Kids College office fairy and extensively helps in the classrooms. Denise has two sons, a husband and her crazy Jack Russel Dodger and his furry sister KC, who all keep her really busy. Denise is everyone’s best friend and her genuine friendship just warms your heart. Denise’s enthusiasm and dedication is a joy to be around and her love for the children shines. She is a beautiful lady inside and out.

Ashleigh Daley has joined Kids College in 2019 after working with children at Chipmunks in café and OSHC since 2012. Ashleigh has achieved her Certificate 3 in Childcare. She helps out at Kids College in every room and with the paperwork in the office. Ashleigh lives with her partner Michael, cousin Tyson and her fur baby Archie. She spends her free time exploring the beautiful city we live in and bringing little Archie along for the adventure. Ashleigh enjoys spending time with her family doing activities such as camping, four by four driving, bowling and going to the beach.

Trudy Collins has joined our team in October 2016. Trudy is from Norfolk and has moved to Western Australia in 2012.  Trudy’s children are all grown up now and she has chosen to create a change from her usual occupation as a hairdresser to pursue her love of teaching children and has joined the team at Kids College. Trudy is also a supervisory officer. 

Trudy has had extensive experience in working in schools in playgroups in the UK. She has achieved her Cert 111 in Children’s Services. You will see Trudy all over Kids College as she is our lunch cover lady who spends her days helping out in every room in the centre. Trudy is a very special lady who has a great sunny outlook on life and a great sense of humour.

Babies room Discoverers team

Nicky Bielefeldt has been with us since  February 2013. She has achieved her Cert III in Children’s Services and her Diploma in Children’s Services and now is the room head of our babies room program. Nikki is also a supervisory officer at Kids College.

Nikki has been in the babies room all these years and has an amazing innate ability to understand and bond with our littlest people. She has a kind heart and has such a wonderful positive attiutde. Nikki’s cup is always half full. 

Nikki has her own little fur baby at home, Johnty who is an adorable dashund. She absolutely adores all the little babies and welcomes them into her heart. It is so wonderful to see such a fabulous young lady who takes such joy from her day everyday.

Amy Norman joined us in May 2017 in the Toddlers room and has earned a Cert 3 in Children’s Services and now holds the coveted position as the assistant in Babies room program. Amy was born in England and moved to Perth in 2002.  Amy is also a supervisory officer. 

Amy is a fun loving young lady who we are so proud of. She has joined our team and been a wonderful breath of fresh air. She is always happy and takes such pride in her work She loves being outdoors and really appreciates how fortunate she is to live in a country that has allowed her to experience things like camping, abseiling, canoeing, kayaking, snorkelling, mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, fishing and four-wheel driving. Amy has always wanted to work with children and is very happy to be afforded that opportunity at Kids College.

Toddler’s room Explorers team

Rose Hunter has joined us in 2015 and heads up the Toddler room Explorers program with Courtney. Rose has previously worked in all of our rooms and most recently in our 3 Year Kindy Adventurers program. 

Rose was born in New Zealand and has worked all over the world in various jobs including being a nanny for a family in France. She has now moved to Perth to settle down. 

She has already achieved her Cert III in Children’s services and her Diploma in Children’s services and is a supervisory officer. Rose is a wonderful lady to be around, her calm nature and soft loving approach has made her a favourite with the children. Rose always seems to get things done and loves to be kept busy. She has a wonderful sense of humour and everyone enjoys being Rose’s friend.

Courtney Buckley heads up our Toddlers room Explorers programn with Rose. Courtney is currently studying her Diploma In Children’s Servicesa and is a supervsiory officer. We met Courtney at Whitfords Chipmunks in 2016 and were blown away by this wonderful young lady. She has a passion for working with children and we are very happy to give her the opportunity to fulfill her dreams by welcoming her to Kids College. Courtney enjoys travel, art and sports. She is a huge AFL fan especially the West Coast Eagles. Courtney is such an energetic lady who you can’t help but love. She has a heart of gold and all our little toddlers wrm to her. 

India Pearce started with us in January 2018 and is such a beautiful bubbly personality she is adored by everyone. She is an assistant in our Toddlers room and is part of the job share team.

India has lived in many reaches of the word and has a great sense of adventure. She is studying her Cert 3 in Childcare with us and she is just loving every moment of it. She is such a happy fun loving lady who we are very happy to have in our Kids College team.

Clare Walters joined us in September 2018. She is enjoying her time in the Toddlers room program. She is an assistant in our Toddlers room and is part of the job share team.

Clare is currently studying her Cert 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care. Clare is an avid Tae Kwon Do participant and has instructed at ATI Martial arts. She loves to bake, listen to music, hang out with friends and looking after her two bunnies. Clare loves being creative and takes great delight in playing outside with the children.

Makayla Crawford is part of our job share team. She is mainly with the Toddlers program. Makayla joined our team in 2019 and will be commencing her Cert 111 studies in the new year. She comes from a very big family and takes delight in babysitting for her little cousins, friends and neighbours. She has a very big passion for soccer and has been playing for 8 years for the North Beach Soccer Club. She has also been an associate player for the National Training Centre.

3 Year Kindy Adventurers Team

Aleisha Bellussi has been with us at Kids College since 2010, has her Diploma in Children’s Services and is one of Kids College Supervisory Officers. Aleisha has been in our Babies room for years and has moved in 2017 to the 3 Year Kindy Adventurers team and runs the program with Vera 

Aleisha is our fun loving crazy friend. She has such a fun time every day and takes great delight in working with our darling little three year olds. She loves to teach all about letters and is always busy. Aleisha loves to keep fit and soaks up the energy of our little three year olds. Aleisha has an open friendly demeanour and you can see how much she loves her little people.

Vera Sergeev joined Kids College in March 2019 and heads up our 3 year Kindy Adventurers program with Aleisha. She holds a Diploma of Children’s Services and Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and has 19 years’ experience in working as an Early Childhood Educator in Perth. She also has some teaching experience.

Vera loves working with young children and thinks that children are the wisest, kindest, amazing, most beautiful and magical humans on earth. Vera is very crafty and enjoys sewing and dressmaking, hand and machine knitting, crochet and bead embroidery and uses these skills to create different resources for children’s play and especially for the group mat sessions. Her family includes her husband, two grown up sons, her beloved Airedale terrier and two guinea pigs.

Rachael Kuek is one of our Kids College assistants who works mainly in 3 Year Kindy Adventurers room program but helps out in the other rooms too and is part of our job share team. Rachael came to us on a gap year break in 2017 from her University studies to become a teacher. She has completed her second year of her teaching degree and loves to help out in the four year Kindy programme too. Through her time at Kids College we have got to know Rachael as a wonderful young lady who enjoys her time with our Kids College children. She has found her ideal age group to teach and is now pursing her Cert 111 in Children’s Services in the hopes of one day becoming a group leader at Kids College. Rachael loves to get messy and takes great joy out of creating with the children.

Talicia Fazio together with her Sister-in-law to be Christina Hird runs our 4 Year Kindy Imagineers team overseen by Teacher Jennifer in the office. 

Talicia is a qualified teacher who has spent the last five years at university working towards her life goal. She completed a Bachelor of Education at Edith Cowan University at the end of 2018 and graduated in February 2019. Talicia is a specialised teacher from birth to eight years of age in the Arts. She is also a supervisory officer.

Talicia values the importance of play and learning through exploration. She is excited to bring this passion into her teaching and to plan for many activities that will allow opportunities for children to learn through Drama, Music, Dance and Art!

Christina Hird together with her sister-in-law to be Talicia Fazio runs our 4 year Kindy Imagineers program overseen by Teacher Jennifer in the office. She graduated in 2018 from Edith Cowan University completing her Bachelor in Early Childhood Education. Teaching children is her passion. Her journey to becoming a teacher was 5 years long beginning in Tafe when she was 19. Christina completed a Cert 4 in teaching assistant. Ever since she was little she has known that teaching was the perfect job for her.

She loves relaxing at home having downtime and catching up with friends and family. Christina loves to travel and loves seeing the world as it is humbling and provides important life lessons. She is excited for her wedding in 2021.

Patricia Houston is part of our job share Chef team. She has her Cooking qualifications and has been with us since September 2010. She has two grown up children who she loves to bake for. She also has a fluffy baby doggy who is spoilt rotten. Patricia is a warm-hearted lady who is just adored by all our staff team. 

Patricia is always calm and happy. She has a very positive outlook on life and is a great friend and confidant to all of us. She is so amazing with her cooking, the food tastes amazing and she makes it all look easy. 

Patricia cooks with special magic that ensures all the children love her food.  Our Chef Trish is truly a wonderful lady.

Natasha Bezuidenhout is the other half of our job share Chef team. Natasha also had her cooking qualifications and joined our team in 2017. Natasha is a lovely, happy, bubbily energetic lady who we have really enjoyed welcoming to Kids College. She is the mother of two teenage boys and as such her fabulous cooking skills are very much appreciated. Natasha enjoys her days with the smaller little children who she just adores and filling them up with healthy wonderful hearty meals. Natasha is a bubble of energy and entertains us all with her quirky sense of humour.

Did you know that ALL our staffing team have professional development in all these important areas?

  • Qualifications in childcare and/or teaching
  • CPR
  • First aid
  • Anaphylaxis management
  • Allergy management
  • Asthma management
  • Fire safety
  • Food safety
  • Occupational Health and safety
  • SUDI
  • Hygienic practices
  • Behaviour guidance
  • Child protection
  • Keyword signing
  • Connections 
  • Programming 
  • Social Emotional learning programs
  • Early Years Learning Framework
  • National Quality Framework
  • Code of ethics
  • Philosophy


At Kids College we celebrate Early Childhood Educators day every year in September. We are asking all of our lovely families to please send us an email on leave a review on our Kids College Childcare facebook site letting our wonderful staffing team know how much you love and appreciate all the hard work, love and dedication they have to caring and education your beautiful children. 


At Kids College we work each day embedding our values and philosophy into each facet of what we do. We continually improve our practices by critically reflecting and engaging in meaningful relationships with our community and for this we need your support and input. Make sure to follow Kids College Childcare on facebook, watch for our regular emails and keep an eye on our Kids College website. Join our Kids College family community and share in our vision of creating the very best childcare where children experience love, laughter and learning every day. You can reach us on

Quote from Kids College Philosophy

‘We have a positive workplace culture that values and supports our profession as early childhood educators. We believe in our team of enthusiastic educators who genuinely enjoy being part of children’s lives and enjoy creating warm responsive relationships with a foundation based in secure bonding and attachments.’


6.1.3 Current information is available to families about the service and relevant community services and resources to support parenting and family wellbeing.

4.1.1 The organisation of educators across the service supports children’s learning and development.

4.1.2 Every effort is made for children to experience continuity of educators at the service.