Today, my teacher wore a mask. Teacher Amy from the Babies room.

Is she playing dress up? No, it is a special mask to keep her and me healthy. Teacher Courtney from Toddlers room.

Masks keep us safe from germs, so we won’t get sick. Teacher Christina from the 4 year Kindy room.

Sometimes masks can be scary but not this mask. My teacher is safe and so am I. Teacher Trudy.

I like the way my teacher smiles at me. Today the mask covered her mouth and I couldn’t see her smile.

But look, she is smiling with her eyes. I like seeing her eyes smile at me.Teacher Nikki from the Babies room.

I am glad my teachers keep me safe. 

We feel like superheros in masks. Special thanks to Mitchell.

The End

With love, laughter and learning from your friends in the 
‘village it takes to raise a child’
Teacher Jen and the Kids College Childcare family